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Tile and Stone

We offer a wide range of tile and stone options including porcelain, marble, travertine, ceramic and limestone, with a span of different sizes.

City Carpet has over 25 years of experience with professional installation of all types of tile and stone, for floors and walls.

All good projects rely on two important things, quality and timeliness. The first step in our goal to provide a job well done is building relationships with quality suppliers. Quality to us means product quality, timeliness of supply and dedication to fair prices.

Anatolia Tile & Stone

Anatolia Tile & Stone is one of our suppliers for tile and stone products. Based in Toronto, Ontario, City Carpet has quick access to obtain a wide range of products to fit our customers needs.

Centura Tile

Centura London and Windsor is one of our suppliers of porcelain and ceramic tiles. Founded in 1961, City Carpet has worked closely with Centura for over 25 years.

Olympia Tile

Olympia Tile has been in business since 1956, and a trusted supplier of quality tile and stone for City Carpet for over 25 years.